Easy Steps for Xiaomi 11T Screen Replacement

Easy Steps for Xiaomi 11T Screen Replacement

Replacing the Xiaomi 11T display can be a challenging task for anyone who is not familiar with smartphone repair. However, it is not impossible to replace the display if you have the necessary tools and patience. When faced with a damaged display, the first instinct may be to head to the nearest repair shop. However, going to a repair shop may not always be the best option, especially if you are short on cash or want to learn a new skill. By replacing the Xiaomi 11T display yourself, you not only save money but also gain a valuable skill that can be used in the future. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to replace the Xiaomi 11T display, highlighting the tools required and what to avoid during the replacement process.

Tools Required to Replace Xiaomi 11T Display

Before you begin the Xiaomi 11T display replacement process, it’s essential to have the necessary tools on hand. Here’s a list of tools you will need to complete the repair process:

  • Heat Gun: Used to heat the adhesive connecting the display to the frame
  • Suction Cup: Used to separate the display from the frame
  • Plastic Opening Tools: Used to remove clips at the bottom of the screen and to gently pry the display from the frame
  • Adhesive Strips: Used to reattach the new display to the frame of the phone

Apart from these tools, it’s also essential to have a clean and well-lit workspace to ensure that you don’t lose any small screws or parts during the repair process. Additionally, consider wearing an antistatic wrist strap to avoid damaging any internal components. If you do not have any of these tools, they can be easily purchased on websites such as Amazon or eBay.

How to replace Xiaomi phone?

To replace your Xiaomi phone, you can either visit a Xiaomi service center or contact their customer support. You will need to provide details about your phone and the reason for replacement. You may also need to provide proof of purchase and warranty if applicable. Xiaomi also offers an online store where you can purchase new phones if you prefer not to replace your old one.

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Replacing Xiaomi 11T Display

Replacing the Xiaomi 11T display requires attention to detail and careful handling of sensitive parts of the phone. Here are some important things to keep in mind during the process:

  • Be gentle when removing old display – excessive force can cause the screen to crack.
  • Be careful when removing the clips – they can break easily.
  • Ensure that you disconnect the battery before starting the repair process as working on an electronic device while powered can cause severe damage and even injury.
  • Always use heat-resistant gloves while working with the heat gun to avoid burns.
  • Avoid pulling the display cable too hard when removing it as the cable may be damaged easily.
  • Always keep the screws or small parts organized and in a safe place during the repair process to avoid loss or damage.

Apart from these precautionary measures, it’s important to follow the steps mentioned in the Xiaomi 11T screen replacement guide to avoid any confusion or errors. Using a reliable guide or video tutorial from trusted websites such as iFixit or YouTube can help make the process smoother and safer.

Here’s a table highlighting some common problems and solutions that might aid you in your Xiaomi 11T display replacement process:

Problem Solution
Display not functioning correctly after replacement Check display connection and ensure it’s seated firmly. Also, check that the display ribbons are connected correctly. If issue persists, try to reset the device to factory settings or consider replacing the display again.
Broken clips or screws during the replacement Ensure that you have the correct tools and don’t use too much force. If the screw or clip breaks, extract it carefully and consider buying a replacement from a reliable website.
Screen not sticking properly after replacement Make sure that all the adhesive has been removed from the frame and use new adhesive strips to attach the screen to the frame.

Can I return my Xiaomi phone?

Yes, you can return your Xiaomi phone if it meets the company’s return policy. The phone should be unused, with original tags and packaging. Make sure to check the company’s website for more information on their return policy before initiating a return.

Finding the right replacement parts for your Xiaomi 11T can be a challenge, especially if you’re not familiar with the market. However, if you know where to look, you can find reliable and affordable parts from trusted sources. Here are some popular websites where you can find Xiaomi 11T replacement parts:

  • Xiaomi Service Centers – If you don’t want to perform the replacement yourself, consider taking your device to an authorized Xiaomi service center for professional help.
  • iFixit – A popular website for DIY phone repair, iFixit offers high-quality Xiaomi 11T replacement parts and guides.
  • Amazon – Amazon has a wide range of Xiaomi 11T replacement parts at affordable prices. However, be sure to read reviews and buy from a trusted seller.
  • eBay – eBay is another popular website for phone replacement parts. Be cautious and buy only from verified sellers with high ratings.

If you’re not confident in your own skills or don’t have the necessary tools, it’s always better to seek professional help to replace the display. Most authorized Xiaomi service centers offer reliable and affordable repair services and can ensure that your device stays in good condition.

Before buying any replacement parts, it’s important to check the compatibility and quality of the parts to avoid damaging your device. Be sure to research thoroughly and read customer reviews to ensure that you’re getting the best product for your money.

By following these steps and taking proper precautions, you can replace your Xiaomi 11T display confidently and efficiently. But always remember to be careful and take your time during the process to avoid any mishaps.

Are Xiaomi phones repairable?

Yes, Xiaomi phones are repairable and parts can be easily replaced. The company even offers a six-month warranty on the parts used for repairs. Original parts are used to ensure quality repairs. Xiaomi has its own authorized service centers where you can have your phone repaired, or you can also find authorized third-party repair centers online.

Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Xiaomi 11T Display

Replacing a phone display can be tricky, and it’s important to take certain precautions to avoid causing any damage to your Xiaomi 11T device. Here are some tips to ensure a successful and damage-free screen replacement:

  • Power off the device and remove the battery before starting the process.
  • Use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive holding the screen to the frame rather than a sharp object or knife, which can cause scratches or damage.
  • Be gentle and patient when using tools to remove the screen or clips to avoid pulling too hard and breaking the phone’s display.
  • Use a suction cup to lift the screen rather than your fingernails or tools.
  • Be sure to properly reconnect the display ribbon cables to avoid a flickering screen or other issues.
  • Apply even pressure when reattaching the new display to the frame to ensure it’s secured without any gaps or bubbles.

Remember, if you’re not confident in your abilities or don’t have access to proper tools, it’s always best to seek professional help.

Additionally, consider using a phone repair kit, which often includes all the necessary tools and replacement parts for a successful DIY screen replacement. Keep in mind, some kits may not include replacement parts specially designed for Xiaomi 11T, so be sure to check compatibility. Here are some popular phone repair kits:

Brand Features Price
iFixit All-in-one phone repair kit with quality replacement parts and tools. Comes with step-by-step guides and online support. $30 – $70
AmazonBasics Simple phone repair kit with basic tools such as screwdrivers and pry tools. No replacement parts included. $10 – $20
Wideskall Multi-functional phone repair kit with various tools and replacement parts, including compatible Xiaomi 11T displays. $25 – $45

By following these tips and taking the necessary precautions, you can replace your Xiaomi 11T display with ease and ensure that your device stays in perfect condition.

Is replacing a screen hard?

Replacing a screen isn’t difficult and only requires a few basic tools and a replacement mesh. It can be done in less than an hour. It’s not a repair that you need to do very often, but when you do it’s a relatively straightforward process. If you need replacement mesh or other screen repair products, there are many websites and stores that sell them online.


Replacing a phone display can be overwhelming, but with the right tools, patience, and attention to detail, it’s a task that can be accomplished at home. In this article, we’ve outlined the step-by-step process for replacing your Xiaomi 11T display, as well as some tips for avoiding damage to your device during the process.

Remember, if you’re unsure of your abilities or don’t have experience with phone repairs, don’t hesitate to seek professional help from a phone repair shop or technician. Additionally, using a phone repair kit can simplify the process and ensure you have all the necessary tools and parts on hand.

Replacing your Xiaomi 11T display can make a huge difference in the functionality and appearance of your device, saving you money on a new phone and extending the life of your current one. With a little research, preparation, and care, you can tackle this DIY project with confidence and successfully replace your Xiaomi 11T screen.