Step-by-Step Guide to Updating CAT S61 to Android 13 Tiramisu

Step-by-Step Guide to Updating CAT S61 to Android 13 Tiramisu

The CAT S61 is a heavy-duty phone known for its ruggedness and design made for people who work in harsh environments, such as construction sites or mining. Featuring a FLIR thermal imaging camera, laser-assisted measuring, and an air quality sensor, the CAT S61 is a reliable tool for various professionals. The Android operating system powers it, which, like other operating systems, is regularly updated to keep improving its performance, functionality, and fix any security bugs it might have. The latest Android version is 13 Tiramisu, and CAT S61 users need to keep their devices updated to benefit from the newest features. This article is a guide on how to update CAT S61 to Android 13 Tiramisu, with tips on what to do before and after the update process.

Why Update to Android 13 Tiramisu?

Android 13 Tiramisu comes with many new features and improvements that can enhance the functionality and user experience of the CAT S61. Here are some of the benefits of updating to Android 13 Tiramisu:

  • Intuitive Control Center: The updated control center provides users easy access to frequently used settings, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.
  • Improved Security: Android 13 Tiramisu has better security features with enhanced Privacy settings. Now you can access Privacy settings right from the Control Center.
  • App Safety Check: An additional layer of security, you can now scan apps for malware before you download them.
  • Enhanced Communication Features: Android 13 Tiramisu makes communication seamless with enhanced voice clarity for video calling, improved group messaging, and automatic call screening features.
  • Updated Home Screen Widgets: Get access to widgets for your frequently used apps right from the homescreen.

Therefore, it is essential to update your device and experience the power of Android 13 Tiramisu. Following the correct updating process is crucial to prevent data loss or damage to the device during the installation process. Stay updated by downloading the official software updates only from the CAT S61 manufacturer website.

What version of Android is Tiramisu?

Unfortunately, there is no version of Android called Tiramisu. Android operating systems are named after desserts, but Tiramisu has not been used as a name yet. The latest version of Android is Android 12, which was released in 2021. You can visit the official Android website to learn more about the different versions of Android and their features.

How to Update the CAT S61 to Android 13 Tiramisu

To update your CAT S61 to Android 13 Tiramisu, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your phone to Wi-Fi to prevent network interruption during the update process.
  2. Go to Settings on your device.
  3. Scroll down to System and Select System Updates.
  4. Click on ‘Download and Install,’ and wait for the update package to download.
  5. When the download is complete, click on ‘Install Update.’
  6. The installation process will take time. During this period, the device will restart several times.
  7. After the installation is complete, the device will automatically restart, and you can start using Android 13 Tiramisu.

Make sure to back up your files before you update your device. Here are some other things to keep in mind for a smooth updating process:

  • Ensure that your device has sufficient battery life to support the updating process.
  • During installation, the device will restart several times, so be patient.
  • Do not interrupt the update process or turn off the phone during the installation process.
  • For more information about updating your CAT S61, visit the official CAT website.

Updating to Android 13 Tiramisu on your CAT S61 can give you a chance to enjoy the latest Android features and improvements. Maintaining the right upgrading process is essential to prevent data or software damage. You can locate the latest updating software from the official CAT S61 website to minimize the risk of malware and to enjoy a smooth update process.

Phone Model Android Version Release Date
CAT S61 Android 13 Tiramisu September 2022
CAT S60 Android 8.0 Oreo February 2018
Samsung Galaxy S21 Android 11 January 2021

Which version of Android is latest?

As of August 2021, the latest version of Android is Android 12. It was officially released on October 4, 2021. Android 12 includes new features such as Material You design language, a Privacy Dashboard, and enhanced widget APIs. You can check the availability of Android 12 updates for your device on the official Android website or on your device’s settings.

Here is a list of the latest Android versions for major devices:

Device Latest Android version
Samsung Galaxy S21 Android 11 (One UI 3.1)
Google Pixel 5 Android 12
OnePlus 9 Android 11 (OxygenOS 11)
Xiaomi Mi 11 Android 11 (MIUI 12)

Updating to Android 13 Tiramisu on your CAT S61 phone comes with several features that can improve the device’s performance and user experience. Below are some of the new features that you can enjoy:

  • Improved privacy and security: Android 13 Tiramisu includes improved security to prevent malware attacks and unauthorized access to your phone. You can also select apps permission to view your location or any other sensitive information.
  • Latest Apps and Games: With the latest software update, you can access the latest Google apps and games updates that are not available on older operating systems.
  • Changes to notifications: Android 13 Tiramisu allows you to customize your notifications and preferences easily. The operating system groups similar notifications, including the ability to turn off notifications for individual apps.
  • Improved user interface: The new operating system comes with an updated user interface with new animations and transitions designed to improve your use of the phone.
  • Better battery life: Android 13 Tiramisu includes several features to improve battery life, including automatic battery management, adaptive brightness, and background process control.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth improvements: With the new operating system, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections will be more stable with better connectivity.

Keeping your device up-to-date is essential for optimal performance, and that makes checking the latest updates is imperative. By visiting the official CAT website, you can stay up-to-date with the latest Duraforce Pro 2 software updates to minimize any risks with malware or other cyber attacks.

How do I upgrade to Android 13?

Unfortunately, Android 13 does not exist yet, as the latest Android version as of August 2021 is Android 11. However, if you are interested in upgrading to the latest version of Android, you can check if your device supports it and then follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings on your Android device
2. Scroll down and tap on System
3. Tap on System update or Software update
4. Your device will start checking for updates. If an update is available, click on Download and Install.

It is important to note that not all devices will receive the latest Android updates, as this depends on the manufacturer and the age of the device. If your device is not compatible with the latest version, you may need to consider upgrading to a newer device. For more information, you can check the official Android website or contact your device manufacturer for further assistance.


In conclusion, updating your CAT S61 phone to Android 13 Tiramisu is an essential process that can significantly improve the device’s performance and user experience. The features that come with the new operating system include improved privacy and security, new customization options for notifications, and better battery life, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity, among others.

Additionally, keeping up-to-date with the latest software updates is crucial for optimal performance, as they reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and malware. Ensure you follow the outlined steps accurately to have a seamless upgrading process and maintain the phone’s functionality. By visiting the official CAT website regularly, you will stay up-to-date with the latest updates for your CAT S61 phone.

Therefore, don’t wait any longer; update your CAT S61 to Android 13 Tiramisu and enjoy the new features that come with the latest operating system.