Nokia 2 V Tella Update to Android 13 Tiramisu: What to Expect and How to Update

Nokia 2 V Tella Update to Android 13 Tiramisu: What to Expect and How to Update

Nokia 2 V Tella is a budget-friendly smartphone that was released by Nokia in January 2021. The device comes with a 5.45-inch HD+ display, a MediaTek Helio A22 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. Although the Nokia 2 V Tella runs on Android 10 out-of-the-box, Nokia has promised to release an update for the device that will bring it up to Android 13 Tiramisu. This is good news for Nokia 2 V Tella users who have been waiting for an update since the phone’s release. The Nokia 2 V Tella Android 13 Tiramisu update is expected to bring a lot of new features and improvements that will enhance the overall performance of the device.

Android 13 Tiramisu is the next major operating system from Google after Android 12 (Snow Cone) and is currently in development. The upcoming Android version promises to bring a range of new features and improvements, including:

  • Enhanced privacy controls
  • Improved performance optimizations and speed enhancements
  • Bluetooth LE Audio support to provide higher-quality audio with less delay
  • Better app handling, system updates, and security upgrades
  • New and innovative UI design principles

Moreover, it is anticipated that the Android 13 Tiramisu update will improve app usage efficiency on the Nokia 2 V Tella, thus enhancing the device’s overall user experience. Additionally, with these updates, the phone is expected to function differently than its previous version. Once the Nokia 2 V Tella Android 13 Tiramisu update is released, Nokia 2 V Tella users can look forward to a whole range of new features that are designed to optimize their devices.

If you own a Nokia 2 V Tella smartphone, you might be wondering how to update Nokia 2 V Tella to Android 13 Tiramisu. Nokia has not yet announced the release date for the update, but based on previous releases, it is expected to be available for download over-the-air or via USB cable from Nokia’s official website. Before updating, it is essential to back up your data to prevent data loss during the process. In addition, make sure that your phone’s battery is charged at least 50% before starting the update process.

Overall, updating your Nokia 2 V Tella to Android 13 Tiramisu will provide you with numerous benefits, including improved app performance, better security, and a better user experience. As soon as the update is released, make sure to update your device to enjoy all the new features and enhancements that come with it.

Is Android 13 called Tiramisu?

No, Android 13 is not called Tiramisu. Google has not officially announced the name of their future versions of Android and it is uncertain what dessert name the next version will have. Rumors or claims about the name are speculative.

Update Nokia 2 V Tella To Android 13 Tiramisu

If you are a Nokia 2 V Tella user, you will be happy to know that the device will soon receive the latest android update. The Nokia 2 V Tella update to Android 13 Tiramisu is expected to bring a host of new features that will improve the device’s usability, productivity, and performance.

Here are some of the expected features and upgrades :

Privacy Indicators: This feature will display an indicator on the screen whenever an app is accessing the device’s microphone or camera, thus giving users more control over their privacy .

Enhanced App Permissions: Android 13 Tiramisu will bring more fine-grained control over app permissions, allowing users to grant or deny specific permissions on a case-by-case basis, ensuring better security to the device.

Performance improvements: The Nokia 2 V Tella will run faster and more smoothly as Android 13 Tiramisu will come with improved core optimization, improved battery life, reduced overheating, and better memory management contributing to better usability .

Bluetooth LE Audio: The upgrade will support Bluetooth LE Audio, which will allow users to enjoy higher-quality audio with less lag when playing multimedia contents or making phone calls over Bluetooth-connected devices.

In addition to these, the Android 13 Tiramisu update is expected to bring improved access to widgets, a new notification history user interface, a built-in screen recorder, and new notification sounds and ringtones. All of these features and improvements are designed to provide Nokia 2 V Tella users with the best possible user experience and comprehensive privacy and security options.

To learn more about this update or to get assistance in updating your Nokia 2 V Tella device, you can visit the official Nokia website.

Is it possible to update Android version?

Yes, it is possible to update Android version. The process, however, depends on the device you have and the version it is currently running. Here are some ways to update Android version:

  • Check for updates: Go to the “Settings” app and click on the “System” option. Then, click on “System updates” and check if any updates are available. If yes, download and install it.
  • Software update tool: Some devices have a software update tool that allows you to manually update your Android version. Check your device’s website or manual for more information.
  • Custom ROMs: If your device is no longer receiving updates from the manufacturer, you can install a custom ROM to update it to the latest version of Android. However, this method requires technical knowledge and can be risky. Check websites such as XDA Developers for more information.

Updating your Nokia 2 V Tella to Android 13 Tiramisu is a straightforward process. Here’s a brief guide to help you get started:

  • Make sure your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network or mobile data network. We recommend a Wi-Fi connection to avoid data charges and ensure faster speeds.
  • Go to “Settings” on your phone and select “System“.
  • Click on “Software update” and then “Download and install“.
  • Wait for the software to download; this may take several minutes. You can still use your phone during this time.
  • Once the download is complete, click on “Install” to start the installation process.
  • Your phone will restart several times during the update process. Do not turn off your device, or it may cause damage to the phone.
  • After the update is complete, your Nokia 2 V Tella will restart, and you will have access to all the new features and improvements of Android 13 Tiramisu.

It is recommended that you backup your device before updating your Nokia 2 V Tella to Android 13 Tiramisu. This is because there is a chance you may lose some of your data during the update process. You can backup your data by going to “Settings” on your phone and selecting “Backup & restore.”

It’s essential to note that the update process may take several minutes, so ensure that your device has enough battery before proceeding. Furthermore, the update is not available for all Nokia 2 V Tella users at the same time, so you might need to wait a few days or weeks for the update to be available in your region.

How do I update my Nokia Android software?

To update your Nokia Android software, follow these steps:

1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
2. Go to “Settings” and select “System.”
3. Select “Software update” and tap “Download and install.”
4. Wait for the update to download and install on your phone.

Your Nokia phone will notify you when the update is ready to be downloaded. In case you haven’t received an update notification, you can check for updates manually by following the above steps.

If you are experiencing any issues, you can also visit the Nokia website for support or contact Nokia customer support for further assistance.

Note: Before updating your phone, it’s important to back up all your important data to prevent any loss.


The Nokia 2 V Tella Android 13 Tiramisu update is an exciting development for Nokia users who have been eagerly waiting for the latest Android features on their devices. With this upcoming Android version, Nokia is committed to improving the phone’s security, privacy, and overall performance for a better user experience.

The update promises several new features such as privacy indicators and enhanced app permissions, performance optimization, and support for Bluetooth LE Audio. Moreover, Nokia is likely to release more feature updates for the Nokia 2 V Tella, which will elevate the phone’s capabilities even further.

Updating your Nokia 2 V Tella is hassle-free, and the guide we have provided will help you install the update with ease. As always, we recommend that you back up essential data before running the update for maximum security.

In conclusion, Nokia’s commitment to software upgrades is commendable, and the upcoming Nokia 2 V Tella Android 13 Tiramisu update is sure to provide a significant improvement over the current user experience. We encourage Nokia users to stay updated with the latest software releases, as it will help them take full advantage of the features and enhancements of their Nokia devices.