Complete Guide: Replace Huawei Mate X2 Display

Complete Guide: Replace Huawei Mate X2 Display

The Huawei Mate X2 is a high-end smartphone that boasts a foldable display, offering an immersive viewing experience. The display is one of the most crucial components of the device and is susceptible to damage if not handled carefully. In the event of a damaged or broken display, it is essential to replace it to restore the device’s functionality and maintain its sleek design. As a user, it may seem daunting to replace the display, but with the right tools and steps, it is achievable. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to replace the Huawei Mate X2 display. You will learn the necessary tools required, how to dismantle the phone, and how to reassemble it after installing the new display assembly. By following this guide, you can be assured to have a fully functional Huawei Mate X2 with a new display.

Before attempting to replace the Huawei Mate X2 display, it is crucial to have the necessary tools. Here is a list of tools you will need:

  • Replacement screen (compatible with Huawei Mate X2)
  • Tool kit including screwdrivers, tweezers, and spudgers
  • Heat gun or hairdryer
  • Adhesive tape or glue (preferably 3M)
  • Prying tools
  • Plastic card or playing card (for separating the glue)

In addition to the above tools, it is essential to ensure that you are working in a clean and well-lit environment. Dust and debris can damage the phone during disassembly, and proper lighting helps in identifying and handling the different screws and components. You can purchase the replacement screen and tool kit from online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. However, ensure that you purchase genuine and high-quality components to prevent further damage to the device. The cost of the screen and tools may vary depending on the supplier.

Is Huawei screen replaceable?

The screen replacement service for Huawei phones is offered by their authorized service centers. The availability of the screen spare parts depends on the model of the phone. For more information, users can visit the Huawei website or contact their customer service.

To replace the Huawei Mate X2 display, you need to begin by removing the back cover and battery. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Switch off the Huawei Mate X2 before beginning disassembly.
  2. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the back cover to the phone.
  3. Insert a plastic card between the back cover and the device and gently move it around the device’s edges to loosen any adhesive.
  4. Remove the back cover carefully to avoid damaging any internal components.
  5. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the battery in place.
  6. Use a prying tool to disconnect the battery’s cable from the motherboard.
  7. Remove the battery from the device carefully, ensuring that you do not damage any internal components.

It is essential to note that removing the back cover and battery of the Huawei Mate X2 voids the warranty. If your phone is still under warranty, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. Properly disposing of the removed components is vital in protecting the environment. You can dispose of them in electronic waste collection centers near you.

How do you remove a back cover easily?

To remove a back cover easily, first, turn off the device and remove any case or accessories. Then, find a small gap or slot along the edge of the cover and use a non-metallic tool, such as a plastic opening tool or a guitar pick, to gently pry it up. Work your way around the edge until the cover comes loose. Be careful not to use too much force or damage any clips or connectors. For a visual guide, you can refer to this YouTube video tutorial –

Remove the Display Assembly

After removing the back cover and battery, the next step is to remove the display assembly. Here’s how:

  1. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws that hold the bezel in place.
  2. Use a plastic card or a spudger tool to separate the display assembly from the back housing.
  3. Be very careful when you lift the display assembly. It is connected to the device via the LCD connector.
  4. Use a tweezer to lift the adhesive that secures the LCD connector to the motherboard.
  5. Disconnect the LCD connector from the motherboard gently. It should come off smoothly.

It is essential to exercise caution when handling the display assembly. Ensure that you do not damage the LCD connector or any other internal components. The adhesive on the bezel helps keep the display assembly in place. Thus, you need to be patient when removing it to prevent damaging any components. You can use a heat gun or a hairdryer to heat the adhesive if it’s hard to remove. However, this step may require professional assistance.

Some common issues you may face while replacing the Huawei Mate X2 display include the bezel being difficult to remove or damaged connectors. In such cases, seeking professional assistance is advisable. You can check with the manufacturer or authorized repair centers to find suitable replacement parts. Here is a table of common replacement parts that you may need:

Part Description
Screen assembly The display module that includes the glass, digitizer, and LCD display screen
Bezel A plastic or aluminum frame that surrounds the display module and separates it from the back housing.
Adhesive tape A double-sided tape that secures the display assembly and back cover to the device.

Why is my laptop screen falling off?

If you notice that your laptop’s screen is not standing up on its own like it should or even just a few degrees off from wherever you try to set it, this usually means one of two things: either your hinges have weakened and become loose, or they have broken away from the laptop frame. You should take it to a professional for repair in either case. It is recommended to use trusted websites or products for repair, such as a service center provided by the laptop manufacturer.

Install the New Display Assembly

After removing the old display assembly, the next step is to install the new one. Follow these steps to do it.

  1. Carefully align the new display assembly to the frame of the device.
  2. Attach the LCD connector to the motherboard. Do not apply too much pressure.
  3. Use a tweezer to press down the adhesive that secures the connector to the motherboard.
  4. Check to see if the bezel is sitting correctly. Press down the edges to secure it on the device housing.
  5. Fasten the screws that hold the bezel in place.

Ensure that you don’t accidentally damage the components during the installation of the new display assembly. You can use the adhesive tape to fix any loose ends that can compromise the rigidity of the device. After installing the new display assembly, recheck the phone’s functionality and ensure that the new display is well-fixed in place.

In cases where you encounter more significant problems, you may need to replace the device entirely. Some trusted websites offer Huawei Mate X2s for sale, while others allow buyers to sell used phones. Alternatively, if the phone is still under warranty, you can claim it to receive free repairs. Remember to test everything before completing the phone’s reassembly.

The replacement process requires some basic knowledge of the device’s internal anatomy and technical expertise. If you are unsure of what you are doing, you can hire a professional to do it for you. Here are some common keywords associated with Huawei Mate X2 display replacement.

  • DIY repair
  • Screen replacement services
  • Replacement part prices
  • Care instructions
  • Broken display repair
  • Warranty and repair policy

What is a display assembly?

A display assembly refers to the combination of a display unit and a front panel digitizer unit. This component is commonly found in electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It is responsible for displaying images and providing touch functionality to the user. To purchase display assemblies, one can check reliable electronic supply websites such as Digi-Key or Mouser Electronics.

How To Replace Huawei Mate X2 Display
Tools and Equipment: Philips screwdriver, Spudger, Heat gun, Opening pick, Suction cup

Preparation: Before starting the replacement process, ensure that the phone is turned off and discharged. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm the back of the phone and then use a suction cup to lift off the back panel. Use a Philips screwdriver to remove all screws holding the battery in place, and then use a spudger to disconnect the battery, NFC, and fingerprint scanner cables from the motherboard.

Remove the Display: Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the front of the phone to loosen the adhesive holding the display assembly in place. Use an opening pick or spudger to slowly separate the display assembly from the phone frame. Work your way around the frame, ensuring that you remove all the adhesive. Do it carefully to avoid damaging the cables and plastic cover on the back of the screen.

Install the New Display: Attaching the new screen is the reverse process of removing the old display. Clean any remaining adhesive or debris from the frame. Peel off the protective backing on the adhesive strips on the new display assembly and line up the display connectors. Reconnect them, and then gently press the new display into the frame.

Reassemble the Phone: Ensure that all the screws are in place and tightened securely. Place the battery back into its compartment and connect it to the motherboard. Align the back cover and press it firmly until it snaps into place. Turn the phone on and check to see if everything is working correctly. Use a soft cloth to clean the screen after the replacement.

In summary, replacing your Huawei Mate X2’s display is a delicate process that requires adequate preparation to avoid costly damages. If you encounter problems during the process, it is essential to seek technical help from experts to ensure that your phone works well. Below are some common keywords to consider when searching for information relating to display replacement services.

  • Costs of replacing the screen
  • Warranty and guarantee policies
  • Do it yourself repair guides
  • Professional repair services
  • Mobile phone spare parts vendors
  • Troubleshooting guide for phone problems

If you don’t have the necessary tools and technical expertise to replace the display assembly, consider buying a new Huawei Mate X2 or hiring a professional repair technician to do the work. There are several trusted websites where you can buy or sell used devices, and also where you can find reputable repair services.

How do you assemble a mobile phone?

The process of assembling a mobile phone can vary depending on the brand and model. However, there are general guidelines that can be followed. A video tutorial like the one on can be a helpful resource to follow. Typically, the process involves fitting the battery, inserting the SIM card, attaching the screen, and connecting all the cables and components appropriately. It is essential to follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the phone or its components while assembling.


In conclusion, knowing how to replace the display on your Huawei Mate X2 can save you a lot of money compared to buying a new phone. With the right tools, technical know-how, and careful execution, you can successfully replace your device’s screen without causing any further damage.

However, if you’re not confident in your skills or are afraid to damage your phone, it’s best to seek the help of a professional technician. The cost of replacing the phone’s display can vary depending on the extent of the damage or the level of expertise required to repair it.

In addition, always use high-quality parts when replacing your device’s screen, as using low-quality or counterfeit parts can cause further damage to your device.

Finally, preventive maintenance is essential in keeping your phone in top condition. Always keep your phone protected with a screen protector, and avoid using it in dusty, damp, or humid environments. By following these tips, you can extend the life of your phone and avoid costly repairs.

Remember to follow the steps mentioned above when replacing your Huawei Mate X2 display, and if you encounter problems, seek professional assistance. With patience, care, and attention to detail, you can successfully fix a broken display and get your phone back to working condition.