DIY Guide: How to Replace OnePlus Nord N10 Display

DIY Guide: How to Replace OnePlus Nord N10 Display

Replacing the display of your OnePlus Nord N10 can be a time-consuming and potentially challenging task, but it is a viable option for those who want to avoid the high costs of professional phone repair services. Moreover, with today’s extensive reliance on smartphones as our primary sources of communication, entertainment, and productivity, a shattered or malfunctioning screen can significantly disrupt your daily routine. By taking the time to learn how to replace your OnePlus Nord N10 display, you can quickly and effectively restore the device’s functionality and avoid the inconvenience of searching for alternative communication and productivity options. Although it may seem challenging to the uninitiated, navigating the process of removing the back cover, battery, and display cables is a skill that anyone can master with a bit of practice. This step-by-step guide will take you through the do-it-yourself (DIY) process of replacing your OnePlus Nord N10 display, from the necessary tools to the installation procedure. With this article, you’ll be able to confidently replace your display at home and have your phone working as good as new.

Tools Required to Replace OnePlus Nord N10 Display

Before you begin replacing your OnePlus Nord N10 display, you must gather the necessary tools. Some essential tools that you will require to perform this task include:

– Phillips screwdriver
– Plastic pry tool
– Heat gun/hairdryer
– Suction cup tool
– Replacement OnePlus Nord N10 display
– Adhesive tape or glue

These tools will help you to remove the back cover, battery, display cables, and the old display, as well as install the new display. Most of these tools are available online or at a local electronics store, and you can purchase them without breaking the bank. You can also contact your phone dealer to get an OEM display or search websites like, which provide repair guides and sell repair kits for your device. As the OnePlus Nord N10 is a relatively new phone, it may be challenging to find spare parts in your local area. In this case, you may need to look online for suitable replacements. Additional related keywords for this paragraph could be ‘smartphone repair kit,’ ‘smartphone screwdriver set,’ ‘buy OnePlus Nord N10 replacement display.’

How do I remove the screen from my Oneplus Nord?

To remove the screen from your Oneplus Nord, you can follow the instructions given in this video tutorial: This video will guide you through the process step by step. Make sure to switch off your phone and detach the battery before attempting any screen replacement.

How To Replace OnePlus Nord N10 Display:

Replacing the display of your OnePlus Nord N10 may seem like a challenging task, but following these steps will help you complete the process.

  1. Begin by turning off your phone and unplugging it from any power sources.
  2. Remove the back cover by using a plastic pry tool. Start at the bottom of the device and insert the tool gently, running along the edges until it comes off easily.
  3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove all the screws in the back of the device.
  4. Next, use a suction cup tool to remove the battery and disconnect the display cables from the motherboard, gently pulling them out using the pry tool if necessary.
  5. Heat the edges of the phone using a heat gun/hairdryer and use a plastic pry tool to loosen the adhesive holding the old display to the frame.
  6. Once the old display is loose, use the suction cup tool to slowly pull it off the frame and disconnect the digitizer and display connectors and the earpiece speaker from the old display.
  7. Attach the new adhesive tape or glue to the frame and install the new display by repeating the steps in reverse order.
  8. Ensure that all the components are connected correctly by testing the display before fully assembling your phone.

It is essential to follow these steps carefully as any mistake can damage your phone, leading to more costly repairs. You can find additional visual aids on websites like YouTube, which can help you better understand what to expect during the replacement process.

Pros and Cons of Replacing Display:
Pros: DIY Repair can save money & time. Can restore your phone to its original condition.

Cons: Loosening adhesive from the old display can damage the frame. Replacement screens may not have the same quality as the original.

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How do you take apart a OnePlus phone?

To take apart a OnePlus phone, you can refer to a tutorial on the official OnePlus YouTube channel. The video guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble the device, including removing the back cover, unscrewing the motherboard, and accessing the battery. You can watch the tutorial on this link:

How To Replace OnePlus Nord N10 Display

After successfully removing the old display, it is time to install the new display. Follow these steps carefully to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

  1. Remove the plastic film covering the adhesive on the new display. Make sure not to touch the adhesive with your hands.
  2. Align the new display onto the frame, making sure that all connectors fit correctly.
  3. Apply pressure to the display using the suction tool, ensuring that the screen is correctly aligned.
  4. Connect the new digitizer and display connectors to the motherboard and earpiece speaker.
  5. Attach a new adhesive tape or glue to secure the new display to the frame.
  6. Turn on your phone and check that the display works correctly. If not, redo the process.

It is recommended to test the new display before sealing everything up to avoid any inconvenience.

Also, consider using tempered glass or screen protector if you want to keep your new screen scratch-free.

You can find all the tools and resources you need to perform this task, including replacement screens and adhesive tape, online or at your local electronics store.

Furthermore, some websites offer tutorials or visual aids to help you better understand the process. These resources can be helpful, especially if you are replacing the display for the first time.

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To purchase the necessary tools mentioned above, consider visiting online stores like iFixit or Amazon. You can also refer to guides on websites like YouTube for step-by-step instructions on replacing OnePlus Nord N10 display.

Can you replace screen on OnePlus phone?

Yes, it is possible to replace the screen on a OnePlus phone. However, it is not recommended to do it yourself unless you have experience with phone repairs. It is best to take it to a professional repair shop. OnePlus also offers screen repair services through their official website.


Replacing the display of your OnePlus Nord N10 may seem daunting, but with the right tools, instructions, and patience, it is a task that you could perform yourself, sparing you the time and money of visiting a professional repair shop. As you’re dealing with delicate electronic components, it’s crucial to follow the instructions carefully and avoid exposing your device to any possibility of damage.

In conclusion, if you’re willing to take a risk, replacing the display on your OnePlus Nord N10 is a lot of fun. You’ll learn how the phone comes together and see how all the parts work. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, or the process seems overly complicated – find some support or consider taking your phone to a professional repair shop. Regardless, performing a successful repair can give you the confidence to tackle more complex projects in the future.